Natural pain relief through transcutaneous
electrical nerve stimulator(TENS)

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What is TENS and what can it do?

TENS, Transcutaneous(delivered through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS stimulator belongs to the group of electrical stimulation systems. The TENS device
is only intended for external use (application through the skin) on humans and for the treatment of unequivocally diagnosed chronic pains. The device features 5 application
programs and uses low-frequency electric currents for the treatment of pain. The operation principle of electrical stimulation equipment is based on simulating the
body’s own pulses which are transcutaneously transmitted to nerve or muscle fibers by means of electrodes. The electrodes can be attached to many parts of the body. You
merely feel a gentle prickling or vibrating in some application part. The electrical pulse is transmitted to the tissue, then affect the transmission of stimulation in nerve conduction

as well as the Neuron and muscle tissue in the field of application part.

Important information
The Pain Relief Plaster FDES105 is a TENS stimulator, this stimulator is to be used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles due to strain from
exercise or normal household work activities. In order to prevent any damage to health, read instruction manual before operation. Be
sure to comply with all “Warnings”, “Cautions” and “Adverse reactions” in the manual, Pay attention to the following before using Pain Relief Plaster FDES105:
• Keep yourself informed of the contraindications.
• The apparatus may not be used in so-called “wet rooms” (hydrotherapy rooms). The manufacturer will not be responsible for the results of using this apparatus for any

purposes other than that described in these operating instructions.

Product Description
The Pain Relief Plaster FDES105 is a battery operated pulse generator that sends electrical impulses to the body and reach the nerves and underlying muscle group, this is a unit to

be used for pain relief. The stimulator sends gentle electrical current to underlying nerves

Basic Information