• Ergonomic design, low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Nebulizing Particle with small size
  • Function of water temperature control
  • Temperature Alarm Low voltage indicator

Suggested retail price:$178.99


FDNB-V1 is intended for use in the treatment of asthma, COPD and other respiratory ailments in which an aerosolized medication is required during therapy. This device only for the awake patients use of hospital or home environment, banning use the breathing anesthesia system and respiratory system under the medical environment.

Thanks for your choice of our ultrasonic nebulizer: FDNB-V1. The ultrasonic nebulizer has been designed to offer compact, portable and lightweight
convenience while receiving inhalation treatments. This unit requires pure water or distilled water and the physician-prescribed medication will create an
effective high frequency mist. An easy airflow volume control with double settings allows full control of treatment levels as recommended by your physician and/or respiratory therapist. This unit is operated on standard AC power or battery pack. Treatments are delivered quickly, safely and conveniently making this unit ideal for all ages. We encourage you read this manual to learn about the features of the ultrasonic nebulizer thoroughly. Together with your physician and/or respiratory therapist, you can feel comfortable and confident knowing that you are obtaining the most effective inhalation treatments for your respiratory condition.

Basic Information