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Privacy Policy

Updated: December 3, 2023

FAMIDOC (hereinafter referred to as "the Product") is a hardware and software integrated product provided by Famidoc Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Famidoc" or "we").

We attach great importance to your trust and understand the importance of privacy and personal information to you. We will take corresponding security protection measures in accordance with laws and regulations to protect the security and control of your personal information.

Please read this policy carefully and fully understand it before using this product. Only after you have fully confirmed that you understand and agree to it, you can start using it.

I. How does Yimai collect and use your information?

1、 Basic personal information

By default, the APP does not need to collect information that can identify your personal identity when you use this product. When you use a personal account, you only need to fill in your name (which can be a nickname), date of birth, weight, and height. This information cannot identify your identity. At the same time, in order to better provide you with health management services, we may also need sensitive personal information about you, such as your physical or mental health status.

2、 Technical information from the device

In order to provide your experience, help you solve any problems you may encounter, and provide updates to this product, we will collect your device information, such as product model and serial number, hardware and software version, and unique identifier (including IMEI and MEID), operating system, WIFI information (BSSID, SSID, Mac address), Bluetooth, crash logs, error logs, language settings. In addition, in order to improve your experience, we will collect your email address, but will not aggregate this data with the functions used and the frequency of use, and will not associate it with identifiable data.

We use this information to provide, develop and improve this product and service, including evaluating and modifying products or security. We may use your contact information to send you this information and invite you to participate in surveys about product usage.

3、 Protection and management of your information

In order to protect the confidentiality of your personal information, we store your personal information in a server cloud protected by firewalls, and take security technologies and procedures to ensure the security of your personal information. The network communication between the APP and the server adopts SSL encryption technology to ensure the confidentiality of the data transmitted between the APP and the server.

We use industry-standard methods to ensure the security of this information and transmit it to our systems through home networks and the Internet.

II. What device permissions need to be enabled

Location permission

Used to locate the product through the mobile phone's positioning product, this is a necessary permission.

Bluetooth permission

Used to search for product BLE signals and connect to BLE Bluetooth services through the mobile phone Bluetooth, which is a necessary permission

Storage permission

Used to save device data, such as file data generated by product measurement.

Phone status permission

Used to collect device information, such as product model and serial number, hardware and software version, unique identifier (including IMEI and MEID), operating system, WIFI information (BSSID, SSID, Mac address), etc.

III. How we protect your information

Storage location:

Within China

Storage period:

The period necessary to provide you with services and as required by laws and regulations and regulatory requirements. The handling method after the expiration of the storage period: delete or anonymize.

IV. How to do a good job of protecting minors

If you are under the age of 14, please confirm with your guardian to sign the policy and use this product.

V. How to contact us

If you have any questions, please send an email to to contact us. We will respond to your requests or appeals in a timely manner within the legal time limit.