Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Measurement mode Forehead, ear temperature measurement modes

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Functional diversity
3-in-1 unique design can take ear / forehead / ambient temperature and i.e. three-in-one.

High efficiency
Instant measurement it provides you the reading in one second.
This product has passed the European Union and Chinese the infrared thermometer performance standards for measuring clinical requirements, measuring clinical repeatability is no more than ±0.3°C.

Convenient and cheap
Convenient, economic, probe cover free and easy to use.

Simple to use
Automatically converts forehead temperature display into ear temperature display with the removal of the front cover. Simple to use

High body temperature indicator
When the temperature reading exceeds 38.0⁰C(100.4°F) , the thermometer will send out “Beep-Beep-Beep-”for a long one followed by two short ones, and the icon will go on .

A wide range of temperature
Body measurement mode: the measurement range: 32°C-42.9°C.

Automatic display of memory.
Every time you turn it on, the previous reading will be shown.

Basic Information
Device name: Infrared Thermometer
Model: FDIR-V17
Measurement mode: Forehead, ear temperature measurement modes
Power supply: d.c.3V, CR2032 batteries

Measuring range:

For human body temperature:

32.0°C-42.9°C (89.6°F-109.2°F)
Measuring accuracy:(At laboratory conditions)
For human body temperature:
± 0.2°C/0.4°F 35. 5°C -42.0°C(95.9°F-107.6°F)
± 0.3°C/0.5°F for other ranges
Clinical repeatability: Within ±0.3°C
Resolution of display: 0.1°C/0.1°F
Operation condition: 10.0°C-40.0°C(50.0°F-104°F) Relative Humidity ≥95%
Transportation and storage condition:-25-55°C(-13°F-131.0°F), Relative humidity ≤95%RH,
Size: 133.8×32.7×23mm
Weight: 39g
High body temperature hint: ≥38.0°C(100.4°F)
Grade of waterproof: IP22
Electric shock: Internally powered ME equipment
Applied part: Type BF applied part, including the whole unit
Mode of operation: Continuous operation